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Dear valued visitor, in order to better deliver higher quality coding courses to you, we’ve restructured our coding courses, and we’ve acquired an even more committed team! Do check us out at www.earlycoders.com

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Our basic programming course starts in Feb 2016 for youths aged 13-17 years old.


Welcome to Coding Labs.


In this flat world, young individuals are increasing empowered to change the world. We believe that coding paves the way for anyone regardless of age to make their mark on the world. That’s why we started Coding Labs, to help youths achieve unlock their latent potential.

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We believe in experiential learning, merging both the theory and practical aspect of code. Hear more about our values and ideals.

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Why choose us?

At Coding Labs, we believe in the importance of empowering youths. That is why we only hire quality instructors as well as work closely with the best in the industry.



Coding Lab teachers have years of coding experience and would love to impart these skills to our youths. With multiple awards under their belt, they are well poised to bring the coding level of youths to the next stage.


Unrivaled Support

Coding Labs is located at Tinkerbox, a professional programming agency. This exposes our students to the working environment of experts in the industry and learn in the best coding environment available.


Passionate Teachers

Our teachers have all been beginner coders themselves and understands how hard it is for youths to pick up programming. That is why we formed Coding Lab to bridge the gap our youths.

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At Coding Labs, our programming curriculum is planned for youths to create practical applications while at the same time building a solid foundation in programming.

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Learn the foundations of code and at the end of the 20 weeks course, develop your own To-Do-List app with guidance from our instructors.
Explore the basics of web app development.
Discover how to build practical agile web app solutions
Learn how native apps work and and code a basic phone app at the end of the course.
Understand how the various parts of complicated mobile applications work seamlessly with each other.

Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Cultivating Creativity

Expect for your child develop creative and useful solutions that are beneficial to the community at large.
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Coding Lab classes are held in a holistic learning environment that encourages student participation and active learning. At Coding Labs, we work closely with our students to ensure that they are given the same coding environment as professional developers. Students can expect to be given the authentic coding experience only found at Coding Labs.


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Coding Labs is opening up its first batch of admissions for the 2016 intake. As there are limited slots, early notice is encouraged in order to increased the odds of entry.


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